New Adoption and Notification Functions Extend Greentalk

Greentalk Adoption and Notifications

Greentalk has been extended to become the most sophisticated tree adoption and notification product available. 

Our powerful Adoption and Notification system is now available as a core component of the Greentalk Pro licence. Registered Greentalk users can adopt and care for publicly managed trees in order to provide tangible benefits to the environment. Adoption is coupled with an intelligent alert system notifying adopters when their trees need care.

Adoption enables registered users to ‘adopt’ points of interest displayed on the Greentalk base map. Trees are the most obvious subjects for adoption, but any feature in the environment can be adopted, from a wildflower garden to an EV charge point.

Notifications extend the adoption functionality enabling adopters to receive notifications triggered by external events. In the case of trees, these alert users when they should water the trees they have adopted. Notifications are triggered by weather conditions derived from logic applied to climate data feeds.

Adoption and Notifications were developed with the primary use case of residents being able to adopt newly planted trees in a local authority area. However, Greentalk is a powerful, highly configurable platform, which can be adapted to any number of use cases. It can be configured so that any individual point, not only trees, can be adopted by a user, or multiple users. Similarly, notifications can be triggered by events related to whatever is adopted, in the case of an EV charge point, these could alert the adopter when it is free to use, or when it hits milestones in the amount of charging it has enabled.

Watering notifications and tree adoptions are designed to engage residents with their environment, and to complement the existing care programmes implemented on the ground by councils and their contractors.

Adoption and Notifications have launched on Hounslow Greentalk, see to discover how Greentalk can bring the environment to the community.

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