How do Greentalk’s new Adoption and Notifications work?

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We recently posted about how Greentalk has been extended to become the most sophisticated tree adoption and notification product available. 

To recap, our powerful Adoption and Notification system is now available as a core component of the Greentalk Pro licence. Registered users can adopt and care for publicly managed trees, making a positive difference to their environment. Our adoption system is coupled with an intelligent alert system notifying adopters when their trees need care.

We take into account the season and the amount of water newly planted trees require depending on their age, e.g. a tree planted within the last planting season will require more water than a tree that has been planted 4 seasons ago, etc.

Registered Greentalk users can commit to care for a newly planted tree by adopting it, and are provided with information about the tree, and how they can help ensure its survival.

Greentalk's interface showing adoptable trees

Newly planted trees can be found in Greentalk’s ‘Information Tray’, highlighting the number of adoptable trees in a given map view.

Tree Watering information for an individual tree is available through the ‘Care’ tab in the information panel.

An algorithm based on existing rainfall data, temperature, tree types, tree age and tree location has been created allowing residents to top-up and care for newly planted trees by watering them; especially during spells of dry or hot weather between April and September.

Alerts are delivered as emails and notifications received in the Greentalk web inbox. They are automatically triggered by the Greentalk system, and can be configured to include other relevant information.

Adoption and Notifications have launched on Hounslow Greentalk, see to discover how Greentalk can bring the environment to the community. Please do contact us for more information, and to discuss how Adoption and Notifications can work in your area.

Photo by Jonathan Kemper on Unsplash

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