Hounslow Greentalk Launches

Greentalk are very proud to announce the launch of our first client-branded service.

Hounslow Greentalk helps all residents of the London Borough of Hounslow to connect with and explore the environment, wildlife and nature. 

123,000 trees and other green infrastructure owned and managed by the Council are mapped for the first time. Users can discover details about each individual tree, including its species, age, height and information about who’s responsible for it. 

As well as mapping the borough’s trees and green spaces, Greentalk offers users a way to actively explore the neighbourhood through walking routes that can be created from any point in the borough. Uniquely, Greentalk’s routing engine enables the generation of circular or linear routes that include a selection of interesting trees or open spaces along the way. 

Hounslow Greentalk makes the Council’s environmental data visible to everyone, and will make it easier than ever for residents to communicate with the Council about how their area can be improved. For example, residents are able to see where 4500 new trees are being planted across the borough this year.

As part of their Greener Borough Framework, the London Borough of Hounslow have committed to a long term relationship with Greentalk that will see a host of compelling features arriving in the coming months. These new features are designed to support community groups, expose environmental information leading to new insights and connections, and to empower residents to make a positive environmental impact on their borough. 

We’ve just launched phase one, mapping trees, green spaces and planting plans alongside tools for users to explore them, but this is just the start of an ambitious programme that will see these features rolling out soon: 

  • Liking and commenting on individual trees
  • Feedback to tree managers 
  • Adoption of trees by residents
  • Hot weather watering prompts
  • Neighbourhood community group support
  • Opportunities for environmental volunteering

Greentalk is a tool that helps land managers combat climate change. 

Greentalk enables individuals and community groups to explore and become aware of their local environment and can activate people to make positive impacts through adoption and by encouraging active travel.

Greentalk enables appreciation and knowledge of the benefits that natural assets offer people and the climate, and can help reduce costs through active citizen engagement with their environment

Trees are vital to many landowners’ climate strategies and significant resources are allocated to their planting and management. Greentalk users can generate trails to find intriguing local trees and adopt them to help minimise the loss of newly planted trees during their most vulnerable first few years.

Explore Hounslow Greentalk at https://hounslow.greentalk.io

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