Greentalk Modules

Extend Greentalk plans with specialised modules designed to address  specific user requirements

Greentalk modules are available to extend our core plans

Modules are grouped into those requiring a minimum installation of Greentalk Standard and those requiring Greentalk Pro.

Modules requiring minimum Greentalk Standard

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TreeTalk Canopy

Display canopy cover and local canopy increase targets.

Canopy hexagon display and highlighting. identifying gaps to fill and target canopy percentages for each area. 

Sharing and explaining urban heat island effects, climate mitigation, environmental services value and encourage residents to engage with helping meet targets.

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Promote your community gardens, wildflower meadows, water gardens/SUDs, mini wildlife reserves, and other green infrastructure.

Green Infrastructure Map with trail generation.

Display explainers, stories and facts about each location. Link to your strategic goals, targets and campaigns.

Dashboard to manage.

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Support and recruit to Friends and Community Groups. Promote your greenspaces and the work that residents do in support of them.

Park and Greenspaces Map with trail generation.

A page per Greenspace/Park with customisable details.

Registration forms for collecting photos, descriptions, listings from local groups.

Social media integrations.

Dashboard to manage greenspace/park details.

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Promoting active travel through walk-friendly streets and paths within an area.

Publishing and sharing the most walk-friendly streets and paths within the area. Highlighting greener and more interesting routes and providing routing via them. 

Crowd-sourcing feedback on the walkability of streets. Promotes active travel.

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TreeTalk Local Directory

Documenting and describing specific trees within a single TreeTalk instance.

Extendable Species Directory and Photos to reflect local species – potential to be customised to local project.

Modules requiring Greentalk Pro

GardenTalk Connect

Connect with residents and community groups and enable adoption and “garden watch” of community gardens, wildflower meadows, street tree pits, mini wildlife reserves, and other green infrastructure.

Includes everything in GardenTalk plus…

Recruit and coordinate community gardeners, promoting a sense of ownership of small green spaces. Coordinating with the maintenance teams on weeding, watering, mowing schedules.Use local (street, environment) champions to coordinate volunteers within local areas. Enables messaging to and  from customers.

GardenTalk includes one integration with the client’s work package system used for coordinating landscape maintenance teams.

ParkTalk Connect

Connect with community groups, friends groups and residents and enable them to promote their own   green spaces and parks, and connections between them. Promote the activities and natural features available.

Includes everything in ParkTalk plus…

Populate and maintain detailed interior maps for the parks and  greenspaces, their detailed interior landscapes, and the links and walking routes between them. Can include trees, walks, trails, interactive games, other points of interest, features and facilities.

Provide community logins so that the descriptions, listings and local events can be managed directly by local champions within the community groups updating the areas or sites that they care for.


Create campaigns and challenges within defined areas.

Client can set-up engagement projects and campaigns targeting both public space but also private space and do-it-yourself actions. 

Example campaigns could include: Front Garden Depaving campaign, Plant a Tree in your garden, Suggest locations for tree planting, etc

Define questions, goals, time periods and areas

Client may access dashboard of responses, engagements and statistics.